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Analytics and Research

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Design & Devlopent

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  • Electrical Control System Design
  • Motor Control Center Design
  • PLC/HMI Programming/SIL 2 PLC Programming
  • BENTLEY NEVADA 3500 Vibration Monitoring System Configuration
  • Compressor Controls, Wind Mill Power & Controls Design
  • Automated Testing Equipment Design
  • Oil & Gas Process Knowledge, Water Treatment Process Knowledge
  • ORC Process ,Waste Heat Recover Process & Geothermal Process Knowledge
  • Integration of Magnetic bearing & CCC controller Systems With PLC
  • Good Understanding of Process P & ID for Various Process
  • Design, Read & Review Electrical Schematics
  • Good Project Management Skills
  • Remote Monitoring Solution and Custom Web Page Development for Machine Monitoring
  • Modbus Communication (Master –Slave with Multiple Slave(8 Slave)
  • One MNET Master Communicating to two slave
  • Two MCMR Master Communicating to One Slave
  • Ethernet Communication between Control Logix PLC
  • Ethernet Communication with DCS controller
  • DLR Ring Network Design and Configuration
  • Logic of Enabling/Disabling MNET/MCMR Modbus Command through PLC
  • Data Formatting after Reading from slave for displaying it on HMI
  • Two MCM Master Communicating to one slave
  • Third party communication using kepware, Das Server
  • Generator Controls, Synchronization & Protection Panel Design (Induction/Synchronous Generator)